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a wordless icontest community

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Select Members , Moderated
Welcome to actor_hush, an icontest community modeled after hush_challenge, hp_hush, and lotr_hush. The objective of this community is to make textless icons from the pictures given each week.
Moderator: mmm_windex
Co-Mod: slaygalthessily
Co-Mod: sheepgeek
Please read the following rules and guidelines before joining this community.

The Contest
[o1] Each week, four pictures will be posted by mmm_windex or slaygalthessilycan not add text nor can you animate the icons</b>. We are going for still textless icons here.
[o2] You can enter up to two icons per week. You can't enter two icons from the same picture. Each icon must use only one of the provided pictures. No blending of two or more pictures allowed. Blending of the same picture is perfectly alright.
[o3] You will have from Monday, when the pictures are posted, to Saturday when the poll is posted, to submit your icon entries.

[o1] Icons must be textless.
[o2] They must fit LiveJournal standards. No larger than 40k, no bigger than 100x100 pixels, and the icons must be in PNG, JPG, or GIF format.
[o3] Do not display your icons anywhere until after voting has ended. I can't stress that enough.
[o4] Do not take or alter someone else's icon without their permission. That's just not cool, yo.

[o1] Entries will be posted in comment to the challenge post. All comments will be screened to keep icons annoymous.
[o2] When posting your icons, please post in both img src and URL form.
[o3] You must use a server that allows hotlinking, such as Photobucket.
[o4] Any icons not adhering to the above rules will be disqualified.

[o1] Voting will take place from some time Saturday to Monday.
[o2] Your will vote via a poll, and will choose your 3 favorite icons.
[o3] No voting for yourself.
[o4] You may only vote once.
[o5] If we notice a trend of the same people voting for a certain person's icon, the submissions will be disqualified and a warning will be sent to all persons involved in the matter. If it persists, you will be banned from the community. This isn't a popularity contest.

Winners will be announced Monday, along with the new week's pictures. There will be first, second, and third place winners. Mod's Choice will be given to an icon that we feel should have gotten more votes than it did.
If you would like a banner each time you win, please reply to this post and let me know. Thanks. :D

lotr_awards; theoc_hush; fellowship_hush; lotr_hush; ; movie_chorus; harrystarpirate; sw_chorus; disney_chorus;

want to be an affiliate? comment to the most recent entry.

week o1: Heath Ledger
week o2: Kate Winslet
week o3: Viggo Mortensen
week o4: Alyson Hannigan
week o5: Josh Hartnett
week o6: Lauren Graham
week o7: Hayden Christensen
week o8: Catherine Zeta-Jones
week o9: Billy Boyd (+special challenge)
week 10: Kristen Kreuk
week 11: Dominic Monaghan
week 12: Emilie de Ravin
week 13: Paul Bettany
week 14: Kate Bosworth
week 15: Billy Crudup
week 16: Rachel Weisz
week 17: Jared Leto
week 18: Evangeline Lilly
week 19: Elijah Wood
week 20: Claire Danes
week 21: Clive Owen
week 22: Scarlett Johansson
week 23: Ewan McGregor
week 24: Halle Berry
week 25: Adam Brody
week 26: Keira Knightley
week 27: ian somerhalder
week 28: josh holloway **banners posted**
week 29: natalie portman **banners posted**
CURRENT: Cillian Murphy